Our Ideal site location and requirements


Anywhere with communal seating or grab and go locations, our Food Court asset is the perfect addition to the tenant mix. We look at all opportunities from airport terminals and roadside service stations through to shopping centres.


Our Restaurants allows plenty of seating for customers close to retail offerings. We are flexible in terms of existing layouts and utilising additional floorspace such as first floor, mezzanine or basement accommodation. As no building is identical we design bespoke layouts and fit out our sites with the all new Blue Lagoon theme for each individual site by our design team to ensure each site is customer friendly and looking brilliant!


City centres, Shopping centres, Train stations, High street locations.
Mix of retail footfall / selected residential catchment / high convenience
Ideally close to retail or leisure
Site Size - Anything from 500 to 2,000 sq ft depending on unit location.
Leasehold or freehold
Requirements: Class 3 use required / Extraction route required